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Design by you

The light that can go everywhere

BOXLITE® is created to shine wherever you put it. It’s light and easy to move around, making it a versatile light indoors as well as out-doors. The robust and simple design is even approved (IP54) for outdoor use in rain and snow.


BOXLITE® is designed with the latest LED and battery technology. A single charge provides up to 7 days of light. Every lamp is fitted with 1,5 W LED light source that provides a warm light of 5,000 K, with optimal luminous efficacy and reproduction of colour.

Quick & easy charge

BOXLITE® is fully charged in just 4 hours. Every lamp comes with a USB charge cable that can be used to charge the battery.

Technical specifications:

Light source: LED 5 V / 1,5 Watt
Colour temperature: 5000 Kelvin
Colour reproduction: CRI <90
Lumen: 207
Working temperature: from -20° to + 50° C
Rechargeable battery: Lithium 3000 MAh.
IP54 classification for outdoor use
Energy classification: A++

Light up your imagination. Boost your sales!

BOXLITE® is the ideal lighting for hotels, restaurants and cafés. Not only does it provide a soft, comfortable light, it can also be used as a menu display or sale promoting advertising. With a BOXLITE® promoting a special offer right at the point of purchase, your business will see a real boost in sales!

A smarter alternative to candles

Did you know that candles or lamp oil made of paraffin produce the same kind of particle emissions that diesel, gasolin or heating oil do? BOXLITE® is an environmentally-friendly alternative to paraffin-based candles and oil lamps. In addition to the health benefits, BOXLITE® does not produce heat or smoke that risk discolouring your interior.

BOXLITE® Deco light

Make your product stand out by placing it on the BOXLITE® Deco light. The Deco light directs light upwards to create an exciting illumination effect using 7 different colours, or a single colour set by you. BOXLITE® Deco light is charged just like the lamp and lasts for 7 days on a single charge.

BOXLITE® Deco light colour LED

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The BOXLITE® range

BOXLITE® 130 Promotion black

Themes consisting of 4 images are available for purchase on our website. Choose from thousands of images or use your own images to create your own unique BOXLITE®.

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BOXLITE® 180 Promotion black

Delivered without motifs. Pubs, restaurants and hotels design their own menues or other message. (Image shows an example.)

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BOXLITE® 130 Exclusive Art silver plated stainless steel

A hand polished unibody design. Choose your design from thousands of motifs available in our image bank.

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