The Lamp

Introducing a desk lamp with wireless charging and a sleek modern design, perfect for hotels and work stations.

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We are proud to introduce a lamp that is so truly unique that it redefines the entire category of lighting. You see, the Lamp is about so much more than just lighting – it's a fashion statement, a symbol of professionalism, and a wireless charging station for all your devices. Boasting unique touch control, wireless device charging & multiple color settings, The Lamp is perfect for those that demand the best.

The Lamp is made with a unique technology and a clean design without all of the cables and joints that are associated with most desk lamps. But then again, The Lamp is no ordinary desk lamp, it is designed for the modern workspace and to match perfectly with your up-to-date mobile gear.

  • Unrivaled Charging
  • The Lamp offers wireless charging and fast USB speed charging for all modern devices like iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

  • Adjustable Intensity and Color Temperature
  • • Relax: Provides a soft, warm background light
  • • Computer: Gives you a dimmed neutral light while working on screen
  • • Drawing: An intense white light, suitable for off-screen or drawing

  • Touch Controls
  • • Tap the touch sensor once to turn ON
  • • Tap again to change the intensity in 3 steps
  • • Hold the touch sensor to turn OFF
  • • Memory function (uses previous setting when you switch The Lamp ON)

  • Charging
  • • WIRELESS Qi Charger 5V/1A (5 Watt)
  • • USB Port 5V/2,4A speed charge (12 Watt)

  • Size
  • • 350x60x415 mm
  • • GW 1.06 Kg
  • • Power supply 5 VDC 26 Watt